Introducing our REVOLUTIONARY 50% OFF “

With giving 70% PROFIT BACK to the Backbone-Of-America and not the 0-35% our 2 competitors give (GROUPON and Clipper Magazine) as we CHANGE THIS WHOLE GAME To “Save Small Businesses” and Entrepreneurs’ who BUILT THIS COUNTRY

-Helping LOCAL BUSINESSES acquire new customers using the proven power of coupons by combining the reach of social media with e-Commerce, along with our Mad Love Coupons ‘every-door-direct mailing’ and ‘flyer distribution’ hiring local (men and women) United States, Veterans who proudly served our country!

This simple (but very unique) approach to “local and national advertising packaging” can provide your business with instant response and long-term customer retention. While (educating consumers) as a brand, how WHERE YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY, is “casting a vote” for the kind of world you want! Because shopping local is how tax dollars stay in your community, thereby improving and impacting your daily life…

And now, with our new you no-longer have to feel the “pang of guilt” buying a so-so coffee from Starbucks or a (lifeless burger) from McDonald’s… but can now BE-THE-CHANGE THAT MAKES CHANGES LOCALLY with your ‘latte made with love’ from your backyard “Mom and Pop Coffee House” to that “Bangin’ Burger” from your neighbor’s café right down the street!