"Enlisting our United States Armed Forces to Save The American Dream!"

What started with an idea to ADD NEEDED VALUE in this world led to (being featured) in the nations oldest magazine with one of the most 'Innovative Startups' on the planet!

“Taking risks, breaking the rules and BEING A MAVERICK have always been important but today they are more crucial than ever.”

Then shortly after with having my startup being named an "Emerging New Business" in America's most Award-Winning Business Journal located in Harrisburg, PA.

We are extremely proud being THE VERY FIRST Marketing & Coupon Advertising Company to strictly support our "American Dream" with our 2-for-1 Online Deals!

Our "Truly Unique Idea" supporting small business owners as well as our local (men and women) U.S. Veterans providing jobs and MOST IMPORTANTLY a 'recent work history' for those who graciously served us and are now motivated to re-enter the work force:

Made-In-America means SO MUCH MORE than just a label, it means quality and value! We have the (buying power) to be "True Job Creators" and it is certainly time for us to use it...

...And Yes IT DID HAPPEN AGAIN Here In Central Pennsylvania (But This Time) As A Much-Needed "Social Enterprise" Here In America!


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